Republic-less Weekend

While the country waits for the government to get its act together about the uprising led by National Guard Captain Juan Caguaripano, we’ll do a recap of what happened in Venezuela during the weekend.

About last Sunday…

A group of soldiers rebelled against the government early on Sunday in Fuerte Paramacay, Carabobo state. The uprising was announced by soldiers via a message on Twitter urging their peers to disregard Nicolás’s mandate, declaring themselves “in legitimate rebellion” against “the regime’s murderous tyranny” and pointing out that they weren’t launching a coup d’état but rather a civilian and military action to restore constitutional order.

Hours later, the uprising would be called a “terrorist attack” carried out by “civilians dressed as soldiers,” according to a statement issued by the Defense Ministry, which also claims that the seven rebels arrested confessed that they were hired “by far right-wing activist linked to foreign governments.”

Although these men managed to steal 93 rifles and four grenade launchers, Army commander Jesús Suárez Chourio said they were successfully nreutralized. What a success.

The ANC suspended a session scheduled for the installation of the “Truth Commission” due to these events. This operation was led by former National Guard captain Juan Carlos Caguaripano, accused of rebellion and treason in past years.

Consolidating the fraud

Despite Smartmatic’s charges of fraud and Tibisay Lucena’s poor response to them, chavismo installed the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) on Friday and chose former Foreign minister Delcy Rodríguez as its head, and Aristóbulo Istúriz and Isaías Rodríguez as first and second vice-presidents, respectively. They’re desperate for polarization, so their speeches focused on the need for political persecution disguised as justice, which is the pillar for their new Constitution and the guiding tenet of their new State. Our legislature’s leadership condemned the ANC’s methods and called for an extraordinary session this Monday, August 7th.

The CNE hasn’t released polling station or parish level election results, much less a detailed list of null votes or abstention figures.

Mayor Antonio Ledezma and Leopoldo López were transferred back to house arrest.

Bolívar, Guárico and Delta Amacuro have suffered massive floods.

The OAS’s Inter American Commission on Human Rights granted protective measures to the Prosecutor General and her family.

The Vatican issued a belated statement regretting the worsening of Venezuela’s situation and demanding the suspension of the Constituyente.



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